Lucban Pahiyas Festival 2010

Late post, since I only shot film this time, and have just recently developed the rolls.

Lucban, Quezon/May 15, 2010
Taken with a Seagull 4A TLR camera, past-date Fujicolor 100

I haven’t been to Lucban’s Pahiyas festival for a long time, though I’ve gone there on a few occasions with my photography group, just not during Pahiyas-time. The chance to go there again was just timely, since work wasn’t in the way that day. Personal fact to establish first: my mother is a native of Tayabas, a neighboring town of Lucban, where I’ve spent countless summer vacations in my younger years. Tayabas has its own version of Pahiyas as well, but I do remember us going to the more popular Lucban festivities.

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