Dieting and Podcasting

I’m on my second week of dieting, and I haven’t had a dieting regimen that lasted this long. I tried a no-rice diet for the first 8 days, but eventually figured out that no exercise and no rice makes me ultimately miserable. So no, its a cup of rice every meal, and two meals, with healthy snacks like fruit in between. As for exercise, I bought my own bike helmet that fits my large-ish head, as motivation, and I actually did go out once, before work, and ran along with 18 wheelers that just exited out of the Sta. Rita exit at NLEX.

Like I really have a choice. There are no bike tracks where I live.

There’s also a gym nearby, but it doesn’t appear to be an enticing place to flex muscle or do the treadmill at all. The gym attendant sits in a corner, mending her sari-sari store snack items, since the local office of the NBI is a few steps away. You’d only notice the huge containers of muscle-building powders on the top shelf. And since I went there around noontime, the heat was suffocating, since there was no airconditioning. I’m just going to look for a better jumprope, so I can do cardio at home, thank you.

Oh, and podcasting, how I missed you.

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