First 2 Weeks of 2010, I Wear My Nerd Cap

It all started with me bookmarking pages from a local computer enthusiast forum, and me making eventual treks to Gilmore, and this nondescript netcafe with a rice dealer store-front.

See, despite my being in the IT for god-knows-how-long, I think I’ve been practical and reasonable with my geek purchases, with a few misses, of course. For example, I have no fashionable laptop to carry with me anywhere, because work does not require it, and if I do need to be online, unlike years ago when the only other option would be to find a netcafe, I have with me a wifi-enabled Nokia E63 smartphone.

This also means that I have a trusty, Gilmore-assembled desktop computer at home, about half a decade old would be my good estimate. There really is no need to make an upgrade, but rust started showing up on the corners of my CPU, and, though the computer is working perfectly anyway, I deemed it timely to make some upgrades.

First idea that came through was my stabilizing the temperature, and finding a way to make my rig quieter that it is, but the rust was getting to be real eyesore.

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