Shooting Gigs on Film

Up Dharma Down
Up Dharma Down

It was time.

I started shooting gigs back in 2006, and I’ve always wondered how I can shoot on film, knowing that I did casually start with this hobby dicking around with toy film cameras. Last week, I decided to stop wondering. With an unused Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP SLR (given as a gift by a fellow gig photographer), I got the brick of Neopan 1600 film I ordered, and shot a roll.

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Starting The Weekend Early With The Old And New Crowd

Its an official estimate: I need to make a blog post today as I expect more things to happen today and tomorrow.

Since Fem my shiftmate at work requested that I take my restdays early, I took it the change seriously and promptly went for a gig last Wednesday with these girls:

Nariese + The Shocking Details + Julia

I re-connected with Nariese (second from left) after finding each other on Facebook, since I don’t think we’re both updating on Multiply anymore, anyway. We met after I covered a Paramita album launch, and have been (mostly) online buddies since. Just recently, we’ve planned to do a photoshoot with her assuming a stylist role. Looking for possible gigs to go to earlier this week, found out that she’d be attending one at Route 196, literally a stone’s throw away from work. Do I know the bands? No, but I was telling myself that maybe I should be among a new crowd for a change.

Good decision, and what a cute crowd.

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Shonen Knife Live in Manila!

Before I write about the gig of the year (for me, anyway), two things. One: this is very, very late, but please welcome me to the already long list of LCD monitor owners, since my LG CRT monitor conked out mid-week, after a pretty dismal 3-4 years. Got myself a Viewsonic VX1932wm-LED the day after. Two: took a 5 hour commute to Tagaytay for my college best friend’s wedding last Saturday, and settled on the idea that I will spend the entire day there, since no one else from our circle of friends could make it. All it took was a cheek-kiss, a congratulations, and a hand-in-hand gesture after the church ceremony saying, “I have to go.”, and I was excused.

See, I had to be at the Shonen Knife concert.

Shonen Knife
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My Top 5 in Music 2008: #4 The Usual – Gigs and Photography

I’ve rendered myself in inactive gig photographer mode for the last half of 2008, with very few exceptions. However, this based on this lot of 15 photos (arranged by date [earliest to latest]), I didn’t think I did badly.


Descant Gott
Descant Gott


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Up Dharma Down’s BIPOLAR Album Launch

Up Dharma Down
Armi of Up Dharma Down

I said this back in 2005:

Up Dharma Down’s current single [Maybe] is good, and frantic with energy. The rest of their stuff sadly doesn’t deliver as much.

Then when Fragmented came out, I was abroad as an OFW, so I settled for one of those mp3 copies you can find over the interwebs. I proved myself wrong about my previous proclamation, forced the officemates to listen to ‘Oo‘ (which they dismissed, but got into when they became aware it was popular back home), and have made it a point to watch the band when I get back home, and yes, get a copy of their cd.

Despite their current mass appeal, I still don’t think Up Dharma Down’s music can really be that much of a major draw in the local music industry. When I got to hear their newer songs live, I honestly believed the next album would be a stretch for your casual OPM fan. I loved where they were going, with the swirly shoegazing, and post-rock power, underlined with sort of drum programming that recalls recent Radiohead. It was clearly undeniable that this was a music collective that may be too massive, too complex, not enough pop to it. I didn’t factor in Armi Millare‘s singing in, because that’s one factor a listener can’t help but be in awe of; even if pogi-rock followers say her singing’s just too odd.

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