Blog to paper

After seeing a Blogbinder ad, clicking on it, and refreshing myself on what it offers, something struck me: based on the techie-driven direction this blog has taken, if ever I do embark on having a print version of it, only 15-20% of it will be actually ‘worth printing‘. mostly consisting of some personal posts, some music and film reviews, a picture here and there. On hindsight, everything else would be fluff.


Of course, the best blog-on-paper I’ve seen would be Cometbus. But no, it wasn’t a blog before printing: its a punk zine, and gloriously handwritten, too. I have a couple of copies I never got to return to a zinester couple who helped me write my college thesis (‘A Qualitative Study on Zines and the Pinoy Youth Culture‘ ;)), but I do plan to mail it back, soon. Really.


For comic collectors/special order book buyers: where’s the best place to order books? No plans to go to eBay, and I’ve hesistantly inquired at Powerbooks again, even though I did try to order from them my intended book -Aaron Cometbus ‘Despite Everything: A Cometbus Omnibus‘- a few years back. Been patient for almost a year of not getting my order, and just decided to take back my initial deposit despite a pending re-order.

[Listening to: Fallen Angel – Elbow – Cast of Thousands [UK] (4:07)]