Nariese, my shoot collaborator/stylist/make-up artist, requested that we arrange something for a friend of hers, who will be celebrating her debut soon. Something like this would usually be fine with me, but it took awhile before I was shown a picture of the subject. When that time came, it took some time to wipe the grin off of my face. I’ve always trusted Nariese’s taste since we started, I curse myself for leaving room for doubt now.

The pegs I was shown, had a vintage theme, which I was for, but without the apt scene and props, I knew it was hard to be strict with the proposed concept. As expected, I did bring some of my old film cameras, but the Seagull 4A TLR was an easy choice to use. If only we had some more time to prepare, I would’ve convinced some people to lend me any of the following fashionable choices: an Agfa Clack/Click, an Argus C3 (well, not exactly a pretty sight, but Gwyneth pulled it off), a Kodak Brownie (I would’ve really liked this), or even a large format camera rig.

Again, the Chinese TLR won, but before I digress further, let’s meet the debutante:


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Pau Redux


There will be drastic life-changes soon, hence things that I have tried and grown to love doing need to be repeated, with tweaks. For example: fashionable model shoots are now modified to be simple portraiture.

Since I loved the output from Pau’s last shoot, I asked her again to spend some time while I hone whatever skill I had at making people still, and look beautiful.

The decision to dress-down was based on the realization that shooting high-brow fashion entails some sensibilities I can’t name nor possess. That’s where my shooting partner/stylist Nariese comes in, but she likes the challenge I proposed. We’ll go white, and we’ll get Pau again.

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This is a blog re-post, and the photos were re-sorted and re-edited as well. Originally published here on June 11, 2010


I think pretty Jill deserves her own blog entry, two weeks late as it is from our photoshoot. There isn’t really much meat to this story, compared to what I wrote two years ago about how my first model photoshoot happened with her and Ayi (found here), but I think it deserves documentation.

My invite for another model shoot with Jill has been open and unrealized for two years, and though I wasn’t all too hopeful, I was still hoping. Call it a matter of personal significance, or it being obvious (as in Facebook photos obvious) that she was still intent on posing in front of cameras. I did make my own attempts at shooting other models, though most of the time, I was disheartened, since I wasn’t getting the output I wanted. There wasn’t any guarantee I’d do any better with Jill, but I had to try again.

Oh, and let me put this out of the way now: no, it was never a matter of attraction that transcended beyond what was necessary between a photographer-model/friends setup, ok?

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Pau and Aby

Done with two photoshoots more from the last one. Let’s start with the latest:

Stylist/MUA: Nariese Giangan
Model: Pau Paguia

The decision to go outdoors for the Monday shoot was because Nariese insisted our model Pau must look great in natural environs. I gave in. I was hesitant that we’ll be shooting where everyone else does their pre-nup and cosplay shoots (UP Diliman), but we really didn’t have much of a choice. I was concerned about being cited by security, too, but since Pau was still studying there, I held on to that silver lining.

Still, I wasn’t all too confident. Part of my first model shoot was also held there, and I wasn’t all too happy with the output. The time where I got genuinely excited was seeing Pau posing with the sun behind her, her brown hair glowing, and her smile innocently captivating. As always, Nariese’s choice of clothes was impeccable, the accessories stood as integral accents to the model. I honestly felt inferior to all these elements, but like anyone who finds himself underwater, I had to swim.

Sorry, the metaphors are probably because I’ve been wolfing down Haruki Murakami audiobooks non-stop.

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These Mondays of June

Since the 7th of this month, I’ve alloted Mondays to plan photoshoots. Not bands, but with models, and usually in a studio. The stars seem to be aligning this time, since I am learning new things here. For example:

Stylist/MUA: Nariese Giangan
Model: Gliter Villarin

Let’s start the story with Nariese. I met Nariese online, by means of us being followers of the band Paramita. We met a year or two ago, and did actually plan a shoot before, but that didn’t materialize. We kept in touch, and just at the start of this month, we started discussing the possibility of us getting together again and push through with a shoot, her doing the model’s makeup, assuming the stylist role, and myself as the photographer.

On previous shoots, I haven’t had anyone else to attend to the model’s makeup, clothes, etc., so this was a welcome change: those’re a couple of things I’m definitely glad to have someone take care of. Also, my work restdays this June fall on Sundays and Mondays, when band gigs are non-existent, and this would take my photographic fill.

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