Music Profile Podcast of 2009

toe – After Image Feat. Harada Ikuko

I don’t think its believable, based on the music I listened to this year, that I could come up with a music list for 2009. Most of the music took a sidestep to all the Perfume and Kaela Kimura kitsch I wallowed in. What I sought out instead, just today, would be to come up with some songs from records released this year, and do a podcast on it. Sans rankings.

This is my profile of 2009-released music, in two parts. The differences are not so distinct, but the first one includes the more conventional songs, while the second one has a handful of brooding instrumental music, electronic/dance, and pretty brutal rock.

Stream Music Profile 2009 Podcast – Part 1 using the player below:

Download this part (Part 1) of the podcast here.

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Videos of the Week – 11/22/09

Burial – Fostercare

Burial is a monster in the hyberdub arena, which is one of those labels I just recently discovered. Untrue is an amazing record, and if you are like me who likes electronic music, but is not necessarily the dancing type, this is one atmospheric trip.

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ZOMG November It Is And Nothing Is Really Happening

First off, Meshuggah was my beautiful music backdrop for this week’s mid-week office restdays:

I do try to listen to all the newer metal releases, but as for now, nothing really appeals to me as much as Meshuggah material: extremely heavy music without the need to resort to overbearing metal imagery (but as seen on video above, they are in that boat). And despite the term technical cropping up every time you mention the band, the technique doesn’t take over the song, and goes over to guitar-god territory.

Some geek talk for ya:

I’ve installed Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala beside the splendid Windows 7. Not very impressed. Annoyed that it won’t save my resolution settings, and yes, that’s even after I’ve consulted multiple threads on the support forums. You won’t see me taking it out of my system though, since I’ve had Windows screw me before.

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I Don’t Think It’s A Phase Anymore: On J-Pop

My entry into Japanese music came in the form of awesome post-rock/instrumental rock, with band names like Toe, Te’, Mono, and Miaou. Some pop-rock came along with it, like Base Ball Bear. All this started about two years ago, and I’m still discovering new and old music from that part of the world.

There’s something shameless that has been running a good few months, until now, though: I’m getting addicted to J-pop, which I’ve known to be a sure sign of an otaku. I’m far from being one though, as I’ve no intention to cosplay, don’t think I’d buy the latest-and-greatest anime toy figures, or glue my face to Animax on cable TV. Like any of my varied interests, I tend to shun away from scenes, and just like things based on the creation’s merit.

So, let’s start here:

Perfume – One Room Disco

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Bringing Out the Old and Unfamiliar: Judee Sill and The Fairport Convention/Sandy Denny

Judee Sill – The Kiss

Discovered via Facebook through old music critic friend Cris Ramos, Judee Sill was a welcome option from most of the J-pop music I’ve had for weeks (not that I’m getting sick of it, though). I still have yet to go through her two released albums. Head on over to her bio for one of those nice artistic-type stories.

Then there’s The Fairport Convention:

Sandy Denny & Fairport Convention – Solo

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