Leica Freedom Train Video

During the 1930’s and 1940’s the son of the founder of the Leica camera company, Ernst Leitz II, a Protestant, and his daughter Dr. Elsie Kuehn-Leitz smuggled hundreds of Jews out of Germany before the Holocaust… The story has only recently been told in detail, as the Leitz family members involved did not want the details made public during their lifetime. (via Wikipedia)

This Week in News: Last Week of March

Last day of my work week, and partly in honor of Zefrank’s Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day, here’s a couple of things in US news to bowl you over:

Sorry if it had to be from the Digg feed. I’ll try to expand my US news sites horizon next time.

And for local news:

  • ‘Keep up good work,’ Arroyo tells deployed Metro troops. Besides medical missions and construction of schools, etc., can they make public a copy of what exactly the message of the military is to everyone else? Just to make sure this isn’t just a timed smear campaign against anyone who doesn’t agree with the administration.
  • And the taxi driver who got me to work is vehemently complaining that traffic EVERYWHERE is getting worse because of the election campaigning.

LOTD: From Freak House to Whats Up in Gloria-land

I know, the ‘asides’ concept should already cover this, but my current handling of asides posts usually merit a one or two paragraph commentary. Hence, the need for a ‘Links Of The Day‘ or ‘LOTD‘ -insert snarky reaction, you know you want to- post every so often.

And for today:

Pundit Mode On: On Inquirer’s Blogs

I honestly don’t know what to make of Inquirer.net’s Babe Republic blog. There’s already a thriving local resource (MSM: FHM, Maxim; Indie: Kiven) for the audience I’m assuming it wants to capture, with unquestionably better pictures, video, and content.

Blame it on birth pains, but so far, only Inquirer.net’s Current blog is worth your precious bandwidth.