Pau and Aby

Done with two photoshoots more from the last one. Let’s start with the latest:

Stylist/MUA: Nariese Giangan
Model: Pau Paguia

The decision to go outdoors for the Monday shoot was because Nariese insisted our model Pau must look great in natural environs. I gave in. I was hesitant that we’ll be shooting where everyone else does their pre-nup and cosplay shoots (UP Diliman), but we really didn’t have much of a choice. I was concerned about being cited by security, too, but since Pau was still studying there, I held on to that silver lining.

Still, I wasn’t all too confident. Part of my first model shoot was also held there, and I wasn’t all too happy with the output. The time where I got genuinely excited was seeing Pau posing with the sun behind her, her brown hair glowing, and her smile innocently captivating. As always, Nariese’s choice of clothes was impeccable, the accessories stood as integral accents to the model. I honestly felt inferior to all these elements, but like anyone who finds himself underwater, I had to swim.

Sorry, the metaphors are probably because I’ve been wolfing down Haruki Murakami audiobooks non-stop.

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