Liveblogging: Windows 7 Installation

1:00 PM

Still backing up Windows 7 RC files. Failed to install Wordmobi (Symbian) on mobile phone (for mobile blogging), needs Python, which I can’t be bothered to install right now. Documents and Downloads folder finished transferring.

2:09 PM

Win 7 RC backup DONE. Ubuntu 9.04 backup DONE. After not using Ubuntu since Win7 RC, I just realized how faster, and how antiseptic the user experience is on Linux. Oh well, 3 days to go before Ubuntu 9.10 anyway. But for now, BYE Win7 RC and Ubuntu 9.04! I will be wiping out both of you for the final Windows 7 FINAL install!

2:51 PM

Install DONE. Now that was fairly easy, almost painless, except for the usual wait. That’s it for this liveblog session! Now downloading latest NVIDIA graphics drivers.

Keeping Passwords

Password phishing scares don’t usually affect me, and today’s news isn’t really enough to make me go through the trouble of changing my passwords across all my online accounts, but its the usual mix of nothing-to-do-today and the realization that I haven’t really changed passwords for a long time got to me. We all know the unfortunate hacking incident that (allegedly) happened to Jacque Bermejo, right?

So after spending time figuring out the new passwords I’d use, I also looked up possible password management solutions, and came up with this pretty straightforward approach:

  1. Use Passpack (for online password management).
  2. Use Dropbox and store an encrypted backup copy of a list of my new passwords.

This setup was partly inspired by this post, though I simplified and made that part of the solution my backup method. Yes, not exactly a geeky solution, but these were based on a few considerations:

  • Passpack looked good, and it did feel nice and secure once I actually used it. I know that hosting sensitive data on a web service that you don’t host yourself is an iffy thought, but then self-hosted solutions aren’t always the best solutions to less-than-complex needs. I use Gmail for all my email needs, and with Windows Live (Hotmail) and Yahoo Mail also giving out unlimited storage, who needs their own POP (or similar) personal client-side mail solution these days? In contrast, I haven’t been enjoying the frequent self-hosted WordPress updates, and the idea of just moving to a site hosted on has been brewing in my head for some time now.

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In Other Worlds: Windows Vista and Windows 7 RC

Last week, I was still using Windows XP on my home computer. The urge to upgrade to Vista was non-existent, but during a support call at work when I had to do basic blind-support (no remote access) troubleshooting for one of the bosses of the company on a Vista machine, I decided to bypass my biases, and just proceed with an upgrade. This was timely, as I just got myself a new videocard, and a much-delayed DVD writer purchase was already done a month or two ago.

I have Vista on my machine now, with the latest updates. Great improvement from XP? Yes, I should say so. Does it deserve the negative criticism it has been getting since its release? After a few days with it, I really don’t see anything major to gripe about.

Then, Microsoft released a release candidate for Windows 7 to the public last Tuesday, valid until June 1, 2010.

And, here I am, a few hours after downloading the DVD-sized evaluation-copy operating system, and I’m loving how Windows 7 RC works. Very snappy, just like the recently released Ubuntu Linux 9.04.


On Vista Aero with my current specs, I’m around 60+ RAM usage. On Windows 7 RC Aero, I’m using less than 40-50. My rig runs on a first-gen dual core Pentium and 1.5GB of RAM.

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Rethinking This Web Presence

The Batanes trip with fellow bloggers, and my religious tech podcast listening, got me thinking:

  • As unattractive online monetization is to me – yes, I’m weird, haven’t you noticed- I should think of strategies to drum up at least the pagerank of this site, which once ranked as a ‘4‘, with zero effort.
  • Go back subscribing to RSS feeds. My occassional visit to BoingBoing just won’t cut it. I’ve been behind my movie news and reviews as well. I’ve been a good podcast listener and have always had TWiT, and Diggnation to accompany me during my start-of-the-week commutes to work. Oh, what platform should I use? Bloglines has always been elegant in its execution, but maybe I should venture out.
  • What is this ‘Twitter‘? LOL. Odd that I have 27 followers there, and I’ve only posted one update, which was when I opened my account. Pownce? I’ll try that, sure, I know I had an invite account there before it went public.
  • A blogroll? Oh that’s way too much effort already! I’ve only upgraded to the latest WordPress version last weekend (which is unfortunate because ver. 2.5 will be released at the 10th of this month), and only figured out that my hosting space was clogged because of spam on a default account I don’t use. But alright, soon, probably.