Batanes, Day 1

I was at the state of just taking it all in. I believe I was the earliest to arrive at the Domestic Airport, since I did leave home literally a day before, at almost midnight, since I was not sure how the commute situation will be. I’m glad I did though, because I only got to board an FX taxi about an hour later, realizing the provincial buses were not plying their route at that time anymore, and I had to ride a jeep to get near the Malolos/Guiguinto area, where I was hoping early Monday Manila-bound passengers were in my same situation.

Anyhow, the realization that I was finally Batanes-bound came through when I only got my ticket. This was a trip that I was just invited to, unaware of all the other details, but the date, and that I’ll be with bloggers. While lined-up at the check-in line, Markku and company gave me the quickie orientation: this was an Epson-sponsored event, and we’d also be with some press people.

Plane flew, plane landed a bit more than an hour after, and the weather that greeted us at the Basco Airport was glum. Screw glum, I exclaimed, I’m in Batanes.

Early Morning in Basco

Our temporary residence for the trip was the Batanes Seaside Lodge and Restaurant, where we were initially served tinapang flying fish. The place was currently being rennovated (read: pounding hammer noise), and that the flying fish was actually bony, but screw all that, I muttered, I’m in Batanes. After settling in to our rooms, and a brief explanation by the Epson crew of the photo contest theme, we were off to a guided trip around Basco.

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