GEEK NOTES: Ubuntu 10.04 Alongside Windows 7

Decided to retire my 80GB IDE boot drive, and get myself a 500GB SATA one, since I’m slowly also needing more storage. Like any sensible multi-booter, I convinced myself to do clean installs of the OS’s. Just in time for the latest Ubuntu.

After installing Windows 7, there was again the dilemma of partitioning, and I finally decided to get a disc image of GParted to provide a better grasp of how to do this: 5 partitions, 2 for the OS, 1 for the Linux swap, 2 for storage. This will give my 500GB external WD MyBook drive some time to rest.

Installing Ubuntu was again the easiest thing to do, and after logging in for the first time, it was much like logging in to my initial experience with Windows 7: everything just works. With only ONE spoiler: after installing the recommended proprietary NVIDIA drivers, the splash screen suddenly went low-res, and was really an eyesore. Apparently, other people are annoyed by this as well.

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