Pundit Mode On: On Inquirer’s Blogs

I honestly don’t know what to make of Inquirer.net’s Babe Republic blog. There’s already a thriving local resource (MSM: FHM, Maxim; Indie: Kiven) for the audience I’m assuming it wants to capture, with unquestionably better pictures, video, and content.

Blame it on birth pains, but so far, only Inquirer.net’s Current blog is worth your precious bandwidth.

Twitter Is The New Livejournal

Hear ye, hear ye. Twitter is just the new Livejournal. With less features.

And I still remember those days when my phone subscription allowed free use of WAP over GPRS, and with an old-school WAP browser on a monochrome display phone, I ‘moblogged‘, which was a pre Web 2.0 term, dearies. This global adoption of the service boggles me, and there’s even a WordPress plugin for it, for easy site integration.

UPDATE: Ok, maybe I haven’t exhausted Twitter services yet, since the latest TWiT episode has gone gaga over it.

Weekly Site Re-Design?!

Barely a week with a K2, 3-column theme, I had to agree with Sonny: the site was not looking good, at all. The other 3-column themes look blah, so after random searching, found out about Tarski, which claims to be lightweight, flexible, and widget-friendly. Loving it so far, especially the constants.php implementation/feature, which is great for ad placements, and ideal when upgrading to the latest theme version. If you have a php code to insert though, you have to do it the old-skool way (via sidebar.php, etc.). Commenting on the new design is encouraged 🙂

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This Week In Review: From Another Site Re-Deisgn to ATHF

It has happened countless times before, but I’ve had the intention to be an active daily blog poster this week, since everything else around me decided to stay put and do/be nothing.

Some personal highlights:

  • I won’t be going to the US for company-sponsored training any time soon. Details end here.
  • Site re-design AGAIN. I’ve always liked what the 3 column layout does to efficiently order content, and ads. I just wish I had the time and pratical know-how to optimize this. Alex King’s site was the ultimate convincing factor.

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