On Weddings

Vita-Soltura Wedding

Dani, an old collegemate, just got married yesterday. I was by my lonesome to and from the event (5 hours commute each way, since the wedding was in Calamba, Laguna), which I guess was OK re the part where you can leave your post/chair any time you want to.

Re wedding photo-op: I took 5 OK photos. Count ’em: 5. There was no majestic church setup, which was fine, that just means this will be a challenge. Then again, I’m NOT the wedding photographer, so I won’t be obliged to have people pose and smile and group themselves together, as well as taking the other obligatory shots. This got me thinking about considering the wedding photography biz, but then, the backup photographer can do those bits. I can do my Jeff Ascough-inspired thing as much as I want to.