In Other Worlds: Windows Vista and Windows 7 RC

Last week, I was still using Windows XP on my home computer. The urge to upgrade to Vista was non-existent, but during a support call at work when I had to do basic blind-support (no remote access) troubleshooting for one of the bosses of the company on a Vista machine, I decided to bypass my biases, and just proceed with an upgrade. This was timely, as I just got myself a new videocard, and a much-delayed DVD writer purchase was already done a month or two ago.

I have Vista on my machine now, with the latest updates. Great improvement from XP? Yes, I should say so. Does it deserve the negative criticism it has been getting since its release? After a few days with it, I really don’t see anything major to gripe about.

Then, Microsoft released a release candidate for Windows 7 to the public last Tuesday, valid until June 1, 2010.

And, here I am, a few hours after downloading the DVD-sized evaluation-copy operating system, and I’m loving how Windows 7 RC works. Very snappy, just like the recently released Ubuntu Linux 9.04.


On Vista Aero with my current specs, I’m around 60+ RAM usage. On Windows 7 RC Aero, I’m using less than 40-50. My rig runs on a first-gen dual core Pentium and 1.5GB of RAM.

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